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Radiesse® Plus in Norfolk, VA

At Bayside Medspa in Norfolk, VA, we understand the desire for a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Facial contouring and restoring lost volume can help you achieve a youthful look. Our approach focuses on enhancing your natural beauty, using advanced techniques that complement your individual features.

Radiesse Plus is an effective option for those seeking to revitalize their facial contours. We are founded on ethical principles and a commitment to patient-centric care at Bayside Medspa, and we offer Radiesse Plus as a part of our comprehensive approach to aesthetic enhancement.

What Is Radiesse? 

Radiesse is a unique injectable treatment designed for facial aesthetic improvements. Its composition includes microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance compatible with the body, suspended in a gel-like solution. This innovative blend delivers immediate lift and volume in treated areas and gradually stimulates the body’s collagen production, leading to natural, enduring aesthetic enhancements over time.

What Is Radiesse Plus?

Radiesse(+) is a product that is similar in all ways to Radiesse but incorporates an anesthetic for enhanced patient comfort. It retains all the benefits of the original formula, such as improving facial contours and smoothing out wrinkles, while making the treatment process more comfortable for patients.

How Does Radiesse Work?

As a biostimulator and dermal filler, Radiesse Plus works in two different ways. Initially, as a filler, it provides immediate volume and correction to targeted areas. Over time, it acts as a biostimulator, encouraging the body’s natural collagen production. This results in both immediate visual enhancement and gradual, natural improvement in skin quality and structure for a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation solution.

How Can Radiesse Benefit You?

Improvement to Smile Lines and Oral Commissures

Radiesse effectively diminishes smile lines and enhances oral commissures. This treatment specifically targets these areas to reduce the appearance of deep creases and folds, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed facial expression.

Chin and Jawline Definition

This dermal filler can beautifully enhance the definition of the chin and jawline. This application provides a more structured and contoured appearance, bringing a harmonious balance to facial features.

Hand Rejuvenation

Radiesse offers significant improvements in the form of hand rejuvenation. It addresses the loss of volume in hands, diminishing the visibility of tendons and veins and restoring a more youthful appearance to the hands.

Softening of Marionette Lines

Radiesse injections are particularly effective in softening marionette lines. By filling these lines, the treatment restores a smoother, more natural transition from the mouth’s corners down to the chin, reducing the appearance of sagging or downturned expressions.

Smoothing of Pre-Jowl Folds

Radiesse effectively targets and smooths pre-jowl folds. This area, often prone to sagging due to aging, is rejuvenated, creating a more lifted and firm appearance along the lower face and improving the skin’s texture.

Minimal Downtime

Radiesse treatments are notable for their minimal downtime. Patients can typically resume their normal activities shortly after the treatment. Some patients may experience a little redness or swelling at the injection sites, but this is mild and doesn’t last long.

Natural-Looking Results

As a biostimulator, Radiesse not only fills but also helps the skin regenerate its own collagen. This can result in a look that appears more natural than many other treatments and that seamlessly blends with the skin’s texture and tone.

Long-Lasting Results

Radiesse filler is known for its durability. The benefits of a single treatment can last for a significant period, providing sustained aesthetic improvements and reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.

What to Expect From Your Treatment 

Radiesse treatments involve carefully targeted injections into specific areas of the face or hands that are chosen depending on what you and your injector have discussed. Several injections will be given in one appointment, evenly filling the smile lines, marionette lines, chin, jawline, and the back of the hands. We use techniques that prioritize your comfort so the process can be as smooth and efficient as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Radiesse

How Long Does Radiesse Last?

The effects of Radiesse injections can last 12 months or more, depending on individual factors like skin type, age, and the area treated. The biostimulatory action of Radiesse continues to work subtly over time, helping to maintain the initial results for a longer duration compared to some other fillers.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Radiesse?

Ideal candidates for Radiesse treatment are adults seeking improvement in facial volume, contouring, and skin elasticity and who are in good health and have realistic expectations for the treatment. It may not be recommended for individuals with severe allergies, bleeding disorders, or active skin infections in the treatment areas.

What Is the Post-Treatment Care for Radiesse?

After receiving Radiesse filler, patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities for 24 to 48 hours and to refrain from extensive sun or heat exposure for the first few days. Gentle skincare and avoiding massaging or applying pressure to the treated areas are often recommended to allow the filler to settle properly.

How Should I Prepare for a Radiesse Treatment?

Preparation for a Radiesse treatment includes avoiding blood-thinning medications and supplements like aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil for a week before the treatment. It’s also advisable to stay hydrated and inform your provider of any medical conditions or medications that might affect the treatment’s safety or results.

Restore Your Appearance With Radiesse in Norfolk, VA

Our Radiesse Treatments at Bayside Medspa in Norfolk, VA, offer a distinctive solution for those seeking facial rejuvenation and hand revitalization. Our approach at Bayside Medspa is to enhance your natural beauty while making sure you have a comfortable experience and the least downtime possible. For more information about Radiesse or to explore other services, please schedule an appointment through our online form or call us at (757) 330-5681.


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