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How Belotero Works Its Magic at Bayside Medspa

Your battle with wrinkles might have begun as soon as you entered your late 20s. This is likely when you first notice skin laxity and volume loss, which continue to affect how you look and how you feel. To manage these signs of aging, consider injectable fillers like Belotero. At Bayside Medspa, we offer Belotero fillers to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. But what is Belotero, and what can you expect from these injectables?

Getting the Scoop: What Is Belotero?

Belotero is a cosmetic injectable filler made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring acid in your body that binds with water to help keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Hyaluronic acid production decreases as you age, leading to issues like wrinkles. 

Belotero injections were first approved by the FDA for the treatment of nasolabial folds (laugh lines), but they can now offer help for wrinkles and volume loss in other areas of the face:

  • Under the eyes
  • Around the mouth and nose
  • On your forehead

These fillers can also help you achieve the fuller lips you have always wanted, as well as contour your jawline and cheeks. For people who have mild facial symmetry issues, Belotero can make a difference. 

Belotero treatment is best suited for people who have realistic expectations and who are in good overall health. If you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have active health issues, you are likely not the right candidate. We can always suggest alternative treatments. 

Belotero Injections and Their Benefits

You don’t have to go through a surgical procedure like a facelift to get the smoother and more youthful-looking skin you want. Belotero is a minimally invasive procedure that requires very little preparation and which doesn’t require much downtime at all. 

It is also a long-lasting option. Dermal fillers like Belotero injections last longer than other types of injectables, allowing you to enjoy the results for up to 18 months. This filler also offers smoother results. Since it is lighter and spreads more easily, it can give you the kind of naturally softer look you want even in the most delicate areas, like above your lip or under your eyes. 

When you get Belotero dermal fillers, the process can take just a few minutes. Unlike more invasive procedures, you can usually return to your regular activities right after the appointment. 

Belotero Treatment: Beginning the Process

To ensure that Belotero injections are the right option, we will have a consultation. We will examine the areas you would like to treat and get your full medical history, as well as a list of any medications or supplements you take. 

If we think you can benefit from the procedure, we will offer some guidance on how you can prepare for the injections. We will also take Belotero before-and-after pictures so that you have a reference point. 

We recommend that you stop taking any blood-thinning medications and supplements. If you are not sure about whether to stop any medications, make sure to check with your GP. You also need to avoid alcohol and tobacco products since these can make the healing process take longer. It is a good idea to avoid the sun for a few days before the injections because it can make your skin more sensitive. 

Achieving Your Aesthetic Goals: Getting Belotero 

On the day of your treatment, come to our medspa without makeup and without any creams or lotions on the treatment area. We will begin the process by cleaning the sites of the injections to remove excess oil, dirt, and other substances. We will then inject the Belotero into the places that can offer the results you want. 

Because Belotero contains an anesthetic called lidocaine, we don’t have to apply numbing creams. How long the process takes will depend on the number of treatment areas we have decided on and how many injections each of these areas requires. For some people, treatment can take as little as 15 minutes. Once we finish, you can go back to your daily life and start enjoying your results. 

How Long Does Belotero Take to Work?

You have very few restrictions to worry about after Belotero injections. You should avoid sun exposure for a few days, as well as alcohol and tobacco consumption. Stay out of hot tubs and saunas. If you need to use an ice pack, you can do so. Although some people can see results in as little as a few hours, it might take up to seven days to get the full benefits of these injections. 

Another question you may have is, “How long does Belotero last?” Belotero can last between six and 18 months, depending on the area of treatment. Areas like your cheeks or under your eyes don’t move as much, so the filler has longer-lasting results in these areas. 

Your metabolism can also play a role. If you have a fast metabolism, your body will absorb the filler more rapidly and require that you get a touch-up sooner. 

Belotero Before and After: Enjoy Younger-Looking Skin

When you turn to Belotero injections, you can get reliable results that give you that smoother and more youthful look without going through an invasive procedure like a facelift. You can save yourself time and the worry of a complex surgery. At Bayside Medspa in Norfolk, VA, we provide individualized care. By working closely with you to pinpoint your cosmetic goals, we’ll help you find the treatment options that work best. Reach out to us today to learn more. 


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